Bye Byes at Becco

20 Jul

Saying goodbye to a friend leaving NYC is never easy, however, it becomes just a tad bit better when done over good food.  I joined Emily (a new friend from Israel) and her friends at Becco, a great place on Restaurant Row (46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues), to say goodbye as she leaves us for Atlanta.

Becco is famous for two things: a large $25/bottle wine list and their endless pasta tasting.  The $25 wine list is always a good way to go with enough selection on there to make just about anyone happy.  The endless pasta provides their 3 pastas of the day in… you guessed it… endless quantities.  The lunch price for this is $17.95 and dinner is $22.95 and both include salad or antipasto.

I was very excited for the pasta tasting, however, upon consultation with the manager it appears the chef likes to put red pepper flakes “in everything” so I was up a creek.  I ordered the Osso Bucco instead, however, and I was NOT dissapointed.  Fabulously tender and some of the best (and most) marrow I’ve ever had.

I managed to grab a picture of one of the pastas on my neighbors plate.

This osso bucco had a side of farrotto with fresh peas and fava beans (it was like a whole grain risotto and something I definitely want to try cooking with!).

Total Nom Points: 8 out of 10

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