Homemade Tomato Sauce and Baked Tilapia in Wine and Shallots

7 Jan

I am inspired, quite often, by cooking shows. Especially the ones where they break down things and give you tips on how to make it scrumptious.  While I now absolutely hate Chef Academy for steering me wrong on making bread (more on that in a few days), at this point I did not hold such contention and decided to make a homemade tomato sauce.  I basically had almost none of the ingredients and only had grape tomatoes, but I figured it would still be good. I also added leftover mushrooms to the mix and it was delish!

I bought some packages pappardelle (my fave) and put the sauce over it. Scrumptious.

We needed some protein, so I went to the local fish market/store and bought Tilapia.  The fish guy said he prefers it backed with shallots and butter, so that’s just what I did (though I think I added some white wine as well).

This was just ehh.  The first was a little bland and the sauce just didn’t have caliber next to that tomato sauce.

The recipe from the show can be found here. I went without the star anise (this seems to be everywhere lately! wtf?) and vanilla pod and only had dried thyme and basil.   I also added it all the beginning (with WAY more garlic and a bit of tomato paste) and then let it cook down for about two hours.

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