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Korean Lunch Near Union Square

7 Apr

Still going out of order… this was obviously PRE Weight Watchers. =)


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Korean food (thank you to the amazing Esther)!  When I found out that there was a well liked Korean lunch spot right near my office, I was pretty excited. DoSirak (on East 13th near University Place) is small but not cramped. 

Their menu, as most Korean menus I have seen, is not too easily read by those not fluent in Korean.  So on this,  you’ll have to trust me… get the Bibimbop. The base of this dish is rice and it’s served in a hot stone bowl that crisps up the rice to a near burnt but still delicious texture.  Then there are sauteed veggies on top, usually some sort of meat (or tofu), and a fried egg.  The whole thing is mixed together into an absolutely delicious assortment. And DoSirak tasted incredibly fresh and the portion was HUGE. Plenty for two meals.

I prefer the bulgogi version as the sweet marinade for the beef brings joy to my heart.  If you love spicy, I hear the ones with kimchi (spicy pickled veggies) there are delicious.

Total Nom Points: 7 out of 10