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Mandarin Court Restaurant- Dim Sum

16 Apr

Another Chinatown meal while on Jury Duty: Dim Sum made me nervous… especially on Weight Watchers. I thought even if I could get away with eating there and not feeling sick (unfortunately, Chinatown dim sum and my belly don’t usually go well together), I could never do it for less than 1,000 points. Right? Wrong.  4 steamed dumplings = 4 points. So 8 dumplings = 8 points. Not too shabby.  I used UrbanSpoon to find a place close and it came up with Mandarin Court Restaurant on Mott (just below Canal).

The experience was hysterical.  A woman came down the row of tables with a cart of dim sum and starts yelling things. It wasn’t until she was next to my table, screaming at ME, that I realized she was asking “Pork? Chicken? Fresh Made Riiiiiiice?”  I asked her “is that shrimp” while pointing to a dish and she put it on my table.  I was still looking at the menu and thought she was maybe delivering an order since I had not placed one yet so I told her that I hadn’t ordered it. She protested that yes, I just did.  It was at this point that a bus boy stepped in and explained to her that I needed a few minutes (or something like that).  Thanks bus boy!

I decided on pork and shrimp.  The pork was good, but nothing special.

The shrimp was really a full shrimp wrapped in a wonton wrapper.  Good, but again, not great.

Tried to get a shot of the actual shrimp in the dumpling…

And guess what? It made me sick afterwards.  BOOOO

Total Nom Points: 4 out of 10