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Bond 45

17 May

Times Square doesn’t exactly have the best reputation for good dining.  Sure, there is Restaurant Row, but most people associate the Broadway District with being over priced.   While some are, there are some gems around.  Bond 45 is one of those gems… contrary to its appearance.

(Photo is not mine)

What kind of establishment puts that much neon onto their restaurant?  I shake my head at this, however, once you get past the neon, it’s fantastic.

First, the inside used to be a theater (made famous by Ziegfeld Follies) and it’s beautiful. 

Second, of course, is the food.

We started with roasted cauliflower.  It was good, but I like mine better. 🙂

We also tried the Artichokes alla Giudea which are fried “Roman Jewish” style.

Fantastic flavor and perfect crispness.  The worst part about these is when they are over.

When I was there last, one of my coworkers got the chicken parm and it was sensational (and HUGE!)  Mike went with the Veal Parm and it was absolutely fantastic (and still HUGE!)

I went with the Branzino, which was roasted with herbs, olives, and tomatoes and with a side of parmesan potatoes.  It was SO good.  And the whole plate for 8 points? Score!

Then there is the final cherry on top (which I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of).  They have a big bowl of English Toffee for the way out. I saved Weight Watchers Points for this… that’s how good it is! 

Overall, Bond 45 is so surprisingly good it almost gets more points just for being so surprising.  I have now eaten there twice, and both times have been exceptional.

It’s a bit pricey, but what isn’t in Time Square?

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10