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Winberie’s in Summit, NJ

4 Jun

After a long day in New Jersey, Mike and I found ourselves at the Summit train station and itching for dinner.  We decided to take a later train and find a local dining establishment.  I have actually never eaten at Winberie’s (partly due to bitterness that they wouldn’t give me a job when I was 16).  It’s a small chain that everyone I know who grew up in our area frequented.  They have a few other locations in New Jersey as well as one in PA and one in IL.

We started with the Bruschetta which was fire roasted tomatoes, basil, balsamic, and Reggiano Parmesan on garlic crostini.  It was quite delicious and had all the right flavor combination and textures (crispy without cutting up your mouth while you eat it). I had one piece of 3 points.

Mike opted for the burger. He seemed to enjoy it.  The fries were good but not crispy enough (a common complaint of mine with fries).

I balanced the crostini with a salad.  The Alsatian Chicken Salad sounded right up my alley… grille chicken breast, field greens, sauteed apples (why don’t more restaurants sautee their apples??), bleu cheese, candied walnuts (nom nom nom), and cider vinaigrette. Delish!  I calculated about 8.5 points for the salad.

Overall, for being a “chain” I was actually pretty impressed with the food.  A good standby… though nothing really special.

Total Nom Points: 6.5 out of 10