Ninth Avenue International Food Festival 2010

2 Jul

A few weeks ago, the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival came to the neighborhood.  I had heard good things, especially that they offered food that wasn’t part of the everyday street fair (they get quite repetitive). We wound up going on both Saturday and Sunday (since it was right next door) and ate our way up and down.

The fair was CROWDED and quite long (34th Street to 57th Street)… but as long as you took your time it wasn’t too crowded.

I have to say… I get quite excited by the idea of fresh pork from a spit.  The first thing we tried was the Roast Pig Sandwich from Dalton’s.  I was quite dissapointed by this actually.  It was just… bland. 

We walked through when they were first setting up and got to see the pig in ALL it’s glory (be glad I didn’t use the close up shot!)

Then a few hours later, it looked even more beautiful.

And it wasn’t just pigs on spits… raw meat was everywhere.

We also tried some sliders that were pretty good.

They had samples of tuna, that were good, but too oily for me.

I really wanted to try this next stop, however, in the entire time we were there for 2 days, it never opened! Weird.

This next place is a 9th Ave local favorite and their Fig & Marscapone in Phyllo was calling my name.

It was SOOO good.

We were still craving a bigger bite (we had split everything prior) and went with a sausage sandwich where this…

… Plus this…

… equalled THIS!  It was tasty… but not GREAT.

I guess we also ate this fried/fritter thing… though over a month later, neither Mike nor I can remember… guess it couldn’t have been that good!

We were tempted to try Wild Bill’s Homemade sodas, but the prices and huge sizes had us moving on.

There were plenty of desserts to be had…

And we skipped over most of them…

Except Kyotofu.

They just looked so good that we had to try a few bites. 

I tried the molten chocolate cupcake and it was decent.

But nowhere NEAR the amazingness that was these little miso brownies.  Holy crap! These were SENSATIONAL! I totally recommend trying them if you are in the neighborhood.

I was actually pretty disapointed by this street fair.  90% of it was very standard and the 10% that was novel was either uninteresting or we tried it and it was just ehh.  The Kyotofu mini brownie things, however, made it all worthwhile.

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