Virgin America- DeliBreak Lunch Box

26 Nov

I am not a fan of plane food.  I can’t think of anything grosser than pre-packaged, shelf stable, mass quantity food.  It reminds me of my highschool cafeteria… without the pizza and tots.  And now they make you PAY for it? ARE YOU KIDDING?!

So when I noticed that Virgin America really takes on a new look at in-flight meals (along with everything else), I figured it would be interesting to blog about their “GoPicnic DeliBreak Lunch Box.”  I like that you order it when you want it, and the cost isn’t awful seeing as though you are literally entirely trapped with their menu.  I think this was $6 and it was plenty to fill me for lunch and leave me with some snacks for hour 4 on the trip to LA.

This was the box front, which varied slightly from the description on the menu that I remember reading.


And the list on the box even varied from the actual food that was inside.  I found this slightly concerning, since picky people may not be pleased by trading out potato chips for pop chips.  Luckily… I love pop chips!


Thought I was kind of curious what sweet maui onino potato chips might taste like.


They packaged it well, with a lot of options within one compact box.


And like I said… it was plenty of food.


A very good snack/meal option.  Thanks Virgin America!  You remain my favorite airline (even if you INSIST on flying out of JFK).

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