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30 Nov

Nanoosh is a “Mediterranean Hummus Bar” with 3 locations in NYC (just below Union Square, near Lincoln Square, and in Murray Hill).  I frequented the one by Union Square before changing jobs, and didn’t realize until long after that I never blogged about it, even after going there at least 2 times per week.

Their pita is nothing special (bland and a bit dry) but it looks like puffed balloons.


On this day, my friend tried the sweet potato and mushroom soup.  It was, unfortunately, spicy, so I was out. But she enjoyed.


She followed that up with the quinoa salad (with Organic quinoa, red peppers, red onions, organic walnuts, dried
cranberries, & organic raisins).  She also enjoyed.


I went with the salad I tried the first time I went there and has never let me down.  It’s SOOOOO good.  It’s the Nanoosh Garden salad (that comes with Organic romaine, organic cherry tomatoes, organic carrots, corn, heart of palm, dry roasted edamame with citrus dressing or citrus and Mediterranean spices dressing) but I order it with the walnut and grapefruit dressing (oil free).  The dry roasted edamame and the dressing just kick this salad into a whole new level of salad.  I can’t get enough of it!


I hear people aren’t too fond of the hummus due to it’s thickness, however, this salad is perfect for me. And for that… I give it…

Total Noms: 7 out of 10