Cici’s Pizza

16 Feb

Mike and I have a funny goal to eat at the fast food restaurants we hear about on TV but that don’t exist in the neighborhood.  We recently crossed Sonic of the list, and we still have to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack, however, I was excited when my cousins said they would take us to a Cici’s.  (There is just 1 near NYC, in East Rutherford, NJ near Giants Stadium, however, there is also one in Cherry Hill, NJ).


We found out that Cici’s advertises their pizza buffet at $4.99, however, due to the lovely price of real estate around NYC, this East Rutherford location needs to charge $5.99.  All you can eat for $5.99 sounds like a steal to me though!


They also have pasta and breadsticks and something that might have been soup?  Hmm… I tried the breadsticks (not worth it) and the pasta (good if you like Chef Boyardee… which I have to say I do in a nostalgic kinda way)


Then they have about a million varieties of pizza, and will make any variety you can dream up from their ingredients.


They even have dessert, which was cinnamon buns and brownies (why not dessert pizza East Rutherford?)


They also had some “thin crust” varieties (which is odd since their regular ones are pretty thin).


For the “health conscientious” (HA) they have salad… and breadsticks.


And they have white pies and extra cheese.


99% of the pizza slices were just okay.  Cardboardy, as it has a reputation for, but at least the crust was a bit crisped, which helped.  But see that top slice in the picture below? Oh yes! That is macaroni and cheese pizza.  The cheese reminded me of velveeta, and in ALL the right ways. I could not get enough of this.  What could possibly be bad about velveeta style cheese on macaroni on top of crispy bread.  Yes please!  (This alone made the entire trip TOTALLY worth it).


The brownies didn’t really look worthwhile, so I tried the mini cinnamon bun.  Ehhh… Cici’s needs to take a lesson from Cinnabon… MORE CINNAMON!  And the frosting shouldn’t just be white and stick… it should be made with powdered sugar and be nice and sweet!  Oh well.


Most of Cici’s I would rate a completely average 5 Nom Points.   It’s a lovely value for the price, and Icould see it being a nice alternative for family’s who want to bring their family out for a fun night at a low price.  That Mac & Cheese pizza was a true 7.  Comfort food at its finest and cheapest!

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