Atlanta Nomming: The Vortex

4 Mar

By the time we ended up here…


I was shocked my stomach was still holding up and I knew I would probably put on 10 pounds in this weekend.  Atlanta can eat!

So what was this crazy place? The Vortex Bar & Grill.


They are known for their burgers and crazy attitudes.  They actually have so many awards that they had to start decorating the ceiling with them.


Their menu is quite humorous and is worth reading.  They have rules that sound like The Soup Nazi has gone to hell and started making burgers.  Enjoy:

The decorations were like TGI Fridays… also in hell.  And the entire place glowed orangey red from the lights.



We were STARVING by the time we made it through the hour+ wait, so we started with some sweet potato fries.  They came with a spicy sauce and a marshmallow sauce.  Marshmallow sauce!


And THEN we found out they had sweet potato TATER TOTS!  Mmmm tots.


I’m pretty sure this was the Hell Burger… with a roasted jalapeno on top.  I stayed FAR away from this.


I went with the Yokohama Mama burger, which had teriyaki glaze, melted jack cheese, and a grilled pineapple.  I think the combo of meat and pineapple is always fantastic.


And it was cooked just a little past medium… but still was VERY juicy.


Overall, you go to the Vortex because of the atmosphere… but the burgers are damn good too.  It wasn’t the burger heaven I found just a few days prior at Flip, but it was still well worth the wait.

Total Nom Points: 7 out of 10

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