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Hudson Station Bar and Grill

22 Apr

To wrap up my week of lunching “West of Midtown West,” we did another team lunch at a newly opened bar and restaurant on 9th Ave and 35th Street called Hudson Station Bar and Grill.  It had a big sports bar feel, with high ceilings and TVs everywhere.

When we entered once for happy hour, there was not a single woman to be seen. Single Ladies, here is a tip: Go to Hudson Station Bar and Grill for happy hour!


Now onto the food… we ordered crab cakes, which I couldn’t try due to the peppers allergy, but heard they were so-so.


And wings (exact same comment as the crab cakes)


And they have about a million sliders listed, including pulled pork:


Cheese Steak:


And fried chicken:


We also got the nachos, which were a heaping pile of mess.


And far too much for even our group of 10 to finish


And two of us tried to be healthy and go salads, including the Chicken Spinach with grilled chicken breast, baby spinach leaves, julienne cucumber, sweet corn, diced tomato, fresh mozzarella tossed in a sun dried tomato & white balsamic vinaigrette


And the Grill Shrimp, which had mixed salad greens tossed, seasoned grilled shrimp, sliced strawberries, shredded pear, chopped walnuts, creamy crumbled blue cheese & strawberry balsamic dressing.  I was nervous to get a salad like this at a sports bar, however, I’m pretty sure this was the best thing on the table… though still tasted like everything had been frozen for a while.


No one really thought this place was great, but it’s convenient.  We actually wound up going back on St. Patrick’s Day, where they served a VERY small menu of all Irish dishes, and we all thought it was pretty rotten and vowed never to return.  That was solidified when a few people felt pretty ill post-lunch.

Oh well!

Total Nom Points: 4 out of 10