Florida Noms: 32 East (Delray Beach)

3 Jun

On our free evening in Florida, Mike and I decided to check out Delray Beach.  Now THIS was more like what I was expecting from Boca.  It was a beautiful walking downtown that ended in the ocean.  A combination of fantastic looking restaurants, touristy shops, high-end boutiques, and LOTS of people.  It was alive and kicking even on a Sunday night.

We checked out a few restaurants, and 32 East tickled our fancy with some really interesting sounding dishes.  It also had a nice look to it.


We couldn’t help but try the antelope skewers.  I mean, how often do you get to try antelope?


They were gamey and good in all the right ways.  And it came over some baked fruit which was delicious.


Then we checked out the crispy truffle (fried) raviolis, which sounded quite good but were a little… bland.  Lacking in truffle flavor.  Bummer.


Mike got the sword fish was good… but not great.


I got the scallops which were also good… but not great.


They heavily sauced the plates but the sauces were overall just lacking in flavor.


This place had all the necessary pieces to be GREAT.  It had a great sounding menu, creative dishes, excellent aesthetic, and great placement in the town.

But it just wasn’t great.  It was just okay.  I’m not sure what went wrong.  Under-seasoned? Product that just wasn’t as fresh as it could have been?  I’m just not sure… but it was a let down.  Don’t get me wrong… it wasn’t bad at all. In fact it was quite good… it just didn’t live up to the expectation that the ambiance and menu led to.

Total Nom Points: 6.5 out of 10

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  1. Chef Phil January 18, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    Sir. I am a chef at 32 east and would like to invite you over to 32 east again, I am disappointed that your first experience was a bad one, but would like to have you come back and retry the experience.. Thank you..chef Phil Lendof

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