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Cho Cho San Sushi Boat Bachelorette Party

3 Aug

A friend of mine had a Bachelorette Party that was much more “her” than the typical craziness.  The party started with brewing beer (which was used for the wedding!), then they came to the city (where I joined them) for an Off-Broadway Play (Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage) and then to a Sushi dinner.  (We also had massages the next day)

For Sushi, she had a hell of a time finding a place to fit 12 of us, but eventually happened upon Cho Cho San near NYU.  She booked the private back room, but when we got there, a party was still wrapping up.  They said it should be quick, but we chose to sit up front (sidenote: it didn’t wrap up for about another hour).

This place was… an adventure.  I have no idea what happened but literally every interaction I had with the server was completely and utterly awful.  I was the only one that didn’t get my sake, they forgot my soup, they never refilled my water, and then my dessert came out about 5 minutes after everyone else’s.  (Did they see me taking pictures and decided to punish me? I have no idea.)

Our sushi boat came out and it was… okay.  Nothing great, nothing bad.  Just okay. It was very reasonably priced, however.


And then… the check debacle happened.  I wound up having ZERO cash on me (after a pedicab debacle earlier in the day… don’t ask) and was the only one to have to pay on card.  It was decided that everyone else would throw in cash and I would put the rest (which happened to be the tip) on my card.  The server took the cash and then handed me back my card… with no receipt.  I went to him and told him there was a mistake, and to please put the money on my card.

He said no.

Um… what?

I tried explaining that it was his tip, and everyone else paid, so I owed the money.  He refused over and over again.  I went back to my seat, secretly figuring out where the closest ATM was so I could give my share (at this point it was much less about the guy’s tip, which was totally undeserved anyway, and more about my not wanting to be the ONLY one not to pay).  One of the other girls decided to give it a try and took my card up to the same server (since I was obviously not lucky that evening)… and was back in less than 2 minutes with my receipt to sign in hand.


Note to self: DO NOT RETURN

Overall, the food was average and this was some of the absolute worst service I have ever seen in the history of my eating out.

Total Nom Points: 3 out of 10