Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

20 Oct




Right on the edge of Brooklyn, under the Brooklyn Bridge in Greenpoint, lives the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.  I had never been, simply because I always walked across the bridge, which you do a few feet before this place (which is right near Grimaldi’s famous pizza as well).

I went with a friend on a very hot day and we stood in the (very hot) line in anticipation of homemade, small batch ice cream.



I went with Butter Pecan and I was very pleased with the flavor.  The pecans kept their crisp but benefited from the sugars and perfectly buttery flavor.  I always say that good butter pecan ice cream should taste like the ice cream version of a good pecan butter cookie.  This was exactly that.



My friend got the coffee, which they are known for, and it was probably the best coffee ice cream I have ever had.  It was like the difference between watered down instant coffee and an amazing, freshly made espresso.  Super intense and just sweet enough.  So good.

And the view is pretty damn amazing.  The Brooklyn Bridge’s famous double arch is right between our cones…


Worth the journey!



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  1. jade berry October 28, 2011 at 5:48 pm #

    Not Greenpoint! That’s DUMBO 🙂

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