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Beef Infographic

12 Apr

I love infographics.  This one seems especially relevant since I just found this post about how Kobe beef is one big lie.

Thanks to FrugalDad for bringing this fun infographic to my attention.

Beef Infographic

Source: FrugalDad

Sylvia’s- Harlem

12 Apr

Sometimes you just need some soul food.  So we took a pilgrimage up to Harlem to finally check out Sylvia’s.  


We noticed that there was a beer on the menu from Harlem Brewing Company.  When in Rome…

It was quite good, especially with the rich food.


The bread was old fashioned corn bread served with, what else, Fleichmann’s margarine. 


And then the food started arriving…

Fried chicken with sweet potatoes and mac and cheese… OHHHH the mac and cheese.


Chicken and waffles.


Smothered pork chops with green beans and mac and cheese… OHHH the mac and cheese.


More chicken and more waffles.


And more mac and cheese… OHHH the mac and cheese.


Everything was really delightful. The fried chicken had a great crisp to it and wasn’t greasy at all.  I had the chicken and waffles and the waffle was really fantastic. There is something quite spectacular about maple syrup on the waffles and chicken. 

But OH the mac and cheese.  It was heavenly.  Perfectly baked, perfectly cheesy, perfect perfect perfect. I consider myself a mac and cheese connoisseur and this, this was GREAT mac and cheese.  Up there with Blue Smoke (which is the best flavor but a little too saucy) and Chat ‘n Chew (which is #1 in my book, however, it’s inconsistent). 

We really wanted the peach cobbler for dessert, but they were out.


So we got red velvet cake (which was good, but I’m not a red velvet cake fan).


The strawberry bread pudding with bourbon sauce (really delicious).


And the southern style banana pudding.  Also pretty good.


I can’t say I LOVED the desserts, but the meal was great and that mac and cheese…. OH that mac and cheese.

Total Nom Points: 7 out of 10