Bacon Bash 2012

23 Jun

Today, we went to the first Bacon Bash.

Overall, I think it was a reasonable attempt at a first event, however, the space got VERY crowded at some points and it was set up in a weird way. It also looked a lot like a night club (including the thumping music… which was actually kind of fun).

There were only a handful of tables with bacon tastings, and each table had a number of tastes on it. Most tastes ran out before the end of the 2.5 hour session, and they still had 2 full sessions left today!  I have to hope they had reserves for the next 2 sessions.

Everyone’s favorite bite was the black peppered bacon brittle from F. N. Puffin.

For the full album, go check out NYCNomNom’s Facebook page! I live posted from the event, so you can see all the fun as it happened.

2 Responses to “Bacon Bash 2012”

  1. Mike June 23, 2012 at 8:16 pm #

    I attended the 12pm Bacon Bash and found it to be a complete disappointment. I was expecting a celebration of the candy of meats and was given nothing….After the ticket price and dropping 20 dollars on tickets for various bacon tastings I had what totaled MAYBE 4 strips of bacon. 3 of which came from the same vendor. The room didn’t once smell of bacon and there wasn’t even a picture of bacon anywhere lol. The chili and meatball whatever that was didn’t even belong there. Making a meatball burger and putting a 1/4 slice of bacon on top does not make it a bacon treat…..The chili was just that, chili…..grabbing a pinch of crushed up bacon and dropping it in is almost insulting…Is bacon that expensive that for 50 dollars a ticket you can’t provide maybe a strip of bacon or two to each person as they walk in….What a sad excuse for a “bash”. Where is the bacon? I will certainly not attended anything iadventure pUts on again as this was a horribly run event….HOWEVER, the Bacon Brittle was amazing. I will say that haha. We drove an hour, took 2 trains and spent good money for this and had more bacon on our WAWA breakfast sandwiches on the way. 🙁

    • Meg June 25, 2012 at 10:07 am #

      I completely agree with the negative response. I’m so happy I didn’t spend more than $22 on my ticket. I doubt the number of people there at one point was legal and we barely got ANY food. They ran out of about half the items by the time we could get to the front of the line. MAJOR disappointment!

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