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Murray’s Cheese Bar for Belated Birthday Brunch (BBB)

8 Oct

Every year, I go out to a celebratory meal with That Lori from Stuff I Ate since we have birthdays 2 days apart.  Typically, life gets in the way and we wind up celebrating a few months later, but this year we managed to schedule a trip to Murray’s Cheese Bar just a few weeks later.



The restaurant is small and narrow, but has great light streaming in and great red chairs in the mostly black and white restaurant.



We started with the mimosa sampler which had orange juice, lychee, and blood orange varieties. They were served in cute glasses on a lovely slate tray.

They were pretty, but not all that great.  If I were blindfolded I probably couldn’t tell the difference between the three.



They also serve Stumptown coffee, which I’m a fan of, so we woke up with a great iced coffee.

We also go a flight of cheeses.  We chose The Weekended flight which included Fresh Ricotta with honey, Green Hill with preserves, and Prairie Breeze Cheddar with apple.



This was so good. I loved each of the cheese choices and their pairings. But the ricotta and honey was awesome.  Creamy and rich with a great, flavorful honey.



We also split a main (so we could have room for dessert) and went with the Alpine Eggs.  This had two poached eggs on an English muffin, served with ham and mushrooms, topped with our 3-cheese fondue poured tableside.  This was all sorts of wonderful.



The eggs were perfectly cooked and the ham and mushrooms went very well with everything.


That fondue was a really great alternative to hollandaise.  I kind of wanted to ask for it to be packaged up so I could go home and pour it over pretty much everything I made for the next few days (or hell… eat it with a spoon) but I refrained.



For dessert, cheese ice cream was on the list.  And not just any cheese ice cream (because, truly, what is any cheese ice cream), but cheddar cheese ice cream with peanut butter and a honey drizzle.  Stay with me now.

Yes… all of these things together sound super weird… cheddar cheese ice cream? with peanut butter? and honey?

But this was a creation of beauty.  There were pieces in the ice cream that added great texture and the peanut butter mixed perfectly with the ice cream.  The honey on top was a bit of sweetness with the salty ice cream.  Such an original flavor and something I will never forget.



We really enjoyed our meal and the whole thing felt like the celebration it was.  I will be back. And hopefully soon!

Lori also wrote up a review. Check it out here!

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10