Brooklyn Fare Manhattan is OPEN

3 Nov

Brooklyn Fare has become quite famous for their (impressive) Chef’s Table, which we tried for my birthday dinner this year.  It is Brooklyn’s only 3 Michelin Star restaurant and our experience agreed that it warranted each of those stars.

Besides being a very cool dining experience, it is also a gourmet grocery store.

It was announced recently that they were opening up a Manhattan outpost, and it just so happened to be a half block from our apartment. (It’s on 37th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues)

An area severely devoid of grocery stores.

So we have been keeping a keen watch on the storefront for its opening, which finally occurred last week.

photo 3

We went for a visit to get some groceries today and, as no surprise, this is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

It was organized quite well with lots of great fresh produce.  Including these insanely oversized yams.

photo 1

They also have a lot of more gourmet groceries, including a few of my clients, such as this half an end-cap for Garofalo Pasta (we do media advertising for small to mid-size brands… my day job).  I was turned on to Garofalo Pasta when they came in as a new client, and quickly came to appreciate the brand. Great pasta. Truly.

photo 2


I was also quite impressed by their cheese section and their prepared foods looked great.  I’m a bit concerned that their check-out area is quite small, and that this little secret won’t stay a secret forever.  I can see this becoming quite crammed as soon as word gets out, but for now, I’m going to appreciate being in on a little neighborhood “gem” (that happens to be one of the most buzzed about places in Brooklyn these past few years).

Brooklyn Fare Manhattan may not replace my love affair with Fresh Direct (not only do they deliver, but their prices are very good), but it’s great to have them so close.  I am sure we will be frequent visitors and I cannot wait for the Chef’s Table to open up at this branch.

Welcome to the neighborhood!


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