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Jersey City: Skinner’s Loft

20 Mar

Also while on our quest to explore neighborhoods in and around Manhattan for home buying, we wound up in Jersey City with some friends who just recently bought a place there themselves.  (We actually really liked it there, but my commute to CT a few times each week made it less desirable than heading north).

They explained the stress of picking a restaurant we would enjoy (to which I always say, I enjoy a diner as much as a 5 star restaurant!) but decided to meet at Skinner’s Loft just a couple blocks from the Grove Street Path Station.

We got there a little early and had a drink at the bar, during which time we saw a lot of people come in and request a seat. Luckily, they saved our table while we waited for our friends, but they were turning people away before noon.  It was hopping!


The bread basket was really great, with a little bit of everything to try and nice butter.  (I love a good sampler bread basket)


The men at the table each got the grilled hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche roll, french fries.


Mike said it was a pretty decent burger and I LOVED the fries.


My friend got the eggs benedict with poached eggs over house-made buttermilk biscuits, canadian bacon, and hollandaise sauce.  She really enjoyed it.



I got the poached eggs over corned beef and sweet potato/potato hash.  This sounded SO good.  Sadly, this just didn’t quite come together.  The potatoes were soft but not roasted and there was 0 sauce. That would have been totally fine if the potatoes were nicely caramelized, but instead, they were actually kind of flavorless.  Even the corned beef pieces were lacking in flavor. Saltiness even! Bummer.  This could have been really great.



I can see why this place is popular in town for brunch, with a great menu, but sadly, it just wasn’t quite there.  I think they are on the right track but need a really good cook to come in and bump it all up just a wee bit.  Though my only real thing to base that idea on is that hash, so maybe the other items are better.  I’m sure it’s a great stop if you’re in the area, but I can’t quite tell you to drop everything and do some Jersey City destination dining based on Skinner’s Loft Brunch.

Total Nom Points: 6 out of 10

nomscale- 06.0