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NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2014: General Assembly

1 Sep

We really enjoyed our meal at General Assembly when it was newly opened, so when we were looking for a place to go with my coworkers for lunch during Restaurant Week, this was an easy choice to return.



One of my coworkers selected the Tomato and Watermelon Gazpacho, which was poured tableside.


She really enjoyed this.


Another coworker got a house dip: the house-made ricotta with local honey chili oil. Another hit.


I went with the stone fruit salad. The peaches and prosciutto were a great combination and the greens were perfectly dressed.


As for entrees, some got the Skuna bay salmon, which they really enjoyed.


I got the roast chicken with pommery mustard sauce.  I usually don’t love mustard, but this was a great compliment to the chicken, which was nicely crispy yet juicy.


And of course we all had to split a side of the corn creme brulee.  I absolutely love this dish and find myself dreaming of it for a long time after the meal. It is a must order.


We had been leisurely with our lunch and suddenly we were short on time to get back to the office for meetings.  So we asked for our desserts to go.  We all got different eclair, including a peanut butter and chocolate, a key lime meringue, and a cherry and pistachio.  All were incredibly enjoyable and made the afternoon at our desks just a little sweeter.

IMG_9641 IMG_9643 IMG_9644

We really enjoyed our meal and being able to take advantage of it during Restaurant Week made it so we could go on a regular day, rather than saving it for a special occasion.  Everyone left the meal saying how much they enjoyed it and I keep recommending General Assembly to visitors. It is just a solid place to go where the service is always good, the food is always just a little special and out of the ordinary, and it seems to be a very good crowd pleaser.

Total Nom Points: 8 out of 10

nomscale- 08.0


Where has NYCNomNom been?

1 Sep

People said it a million times: Home ownership is stressful. Home renovations are even more stressful.

Turns out… there is more accuracy in those words than anything I’ve ever heard prior.

We have been in for a month and every spare moment has been occupied by home… stuff.  There is just so much to do, and the fact that our contractor was awful, fell off the face of the earth for 3 weeks, then came back to “finish” and still did a ton wrong sure didn’t help.

But we are getting there.

We have a bathroom with a cabinet (so there is storage).


We have a brand new walk-in closet in the bedroom, converted from 2 smaller, “L” shaped closets (before and after pictures):

And we have a newly designed kitchen! We kept the appliances and cabinets and swapped out the floor for a black and white checkerboard (which I’ve wanted all my life), soap stone counters, and a dark red wall. I LOVE the kitchen.

HOWEVER, our contractor did this all wrong and we are still not quite right.


In fact, a new set of contractors are here right now to do some of the last fixes in the apartment, including regrouting the entire backsplash in the kitchen (because the last guy did it wrong), sealing the kitchen and bathroom (since the last guy did that wrong, too), and hanging all the bathroom racks (we’ve been using a wire hanger as a toilet paper holder for the past month):

Slowly but surely, we will make it.

But right now I’m taking advantage of a day off to post some reviews that have been waiting in the wings for weeks. I’ve missed blogging a lot, so hopefully I can get back on track now!

EDIT: Some more photos of what was finished on Monday…

The finally finished kitchen:

Bathroom hardware (all pipe bars/shelves done custom by Etsy artist David at Splinterwerx):



And the entrance to our apartment, surrounded by artwork from my family… Grandpa Axel’s violin sculpture on the left, 2 pictures by my Great Aunt Dinah (who is 100 years old and still making artwork!) flanking the door, and a sign from our wedding drawn by my mom in the center of the door.

More to come!