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NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2014: Blue Smoke

2 Sep

Another work lunch just happened to be during Restaurant Week, so we decided to go to Blue Smoke BBQ in Flatiron. While they were serving the RW menu, most of us actually wound up ordering of the regular menu since their everyday menu is actually quite affordable for the quality of the food.

One thing on their RW menu that is always a hit with everyone is this chicken.  Great, crispy skin and tons of flavor.


I got the vegetable special which was actually super weird… it was shaved root vegetables with a creamy sauce. It tasted good but the plating left a lot to be desired…


But I also got their mac and cheese, which might be one of my favorite things on earth, so I was a happy camper.



Overall, I always really enjoy Blue Smoke, whether at the restaurant or at Citi Field, and it’s a great catered lunch for work meetings, however, I’m not sure if I can say that it’s the best option for Restaurant Week.  It saves a bit of money, but their regular menu is very affordable. I would say just head here any time you are looking for good BBQ, regardless of Restaurant Week.

Total Nom Points: 6.5 out of 10

nomscale- 06.5


Southern Hospitality- Hell’s Kitchen

20 Apr

This week’s theme appears to be lunch in the “West of Midtown West” region.

Southern Hospitality was first opened by Justin Timberlake and friends in the UES.  A second outpost recently opened in Hell’s Kitchen, on 9th Ave and 45th Street.

When I checked in on Four Square, I was informed that there was a special where first check-ins were awarded with a free pitcher of beer.  I showed the waitress, and she informed me that I had checked in at the wrong Southern Hospitality (WHOOPS!) but they would honor it anyway.  The guys at my table were pleased.

The interior is massive and decorated in a very fun, southern, barry way.


We went out for team lunch and ordered across the menu.  There was a BBQ chicken chopped salad.


A side of… something?


A cheese steak that wound up being quite disappointing when the orderer failed to read that there was cheese SAUCE on it.


Some BBQ salmon


A plate of smoked sliced brisket (which was questionably brisket) with a side of succotash and collard greens.


And I took a dive and tried my very first chicken and waffles.


They came with a side of mashed taters, which were fair at best.


While the chicken looked over-breaded and over-fried, it wasn’t bad.  But it certainly wasn’t the best I had.  I understand why people like this combo (turns out syrup and fried chicken are delicious together), but I wasn’t impressed.

Turns out, no one else was either.  Nothing stuck out, nothing was particularly good, and nothing was worth going back for.

Sorry JT.  We’ve had much better BBQ, even in NY, elsewhere.

Total Nom Points: 6 out of 10

Thank you BBQ

23 Oct

A few weeks ago, I got the hair brained idea to build a screen… divider… divider with door… divider with french doors for Mike and my new apartment. It wound up being quite a project, yet with the help of my fantastic dad’s building skills (and physical laboring) and tools borrowed from friends, Josh and Lillian, we managed to complete the undertaking. I seriously couldn’t have done it without dad, Josh, Lil, an Mike. Here is the finished product:

(doors closed)

(doors open)

Originally, I wanted to take everyone out to dinner, but Josh and Lillian had already taken out steaks for a BBQ and invited us over. I felt bad changing my treat dinner into crashing their BBQ, but I brought a thank you mini pumpkin, beer, shrimp, and veggies to hopefully show my appreciation.

When we got there, the steaks had already been marinated in Black & Tan beer. Lillian had thought up this master creation while BBQing a mushroom on a fire pit and determining Black & Tan to be the only viable liquid. Turns out it tasted great so we were treated to Black & Tan steaks.

As my dad said, there was a “bicycle seat of a steak” as well

Lillian also cut up some sweet potato fries (<3) and had some bok choy on the stove when we arrived.

Lillian even made a black & tan sauce to pour over top.

Josh carved up the steak for us

My additions to the menu were grilled asparagus (grilling veggies is so novel to New Yorkers!) and skewers of shrimp and tomatoes.

It all made for one beautiful plate

It was a great meal and so nice to have since I don’t get much BBQ.

Thanks again to my crew and tool lenders. You guys all rock!