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Cafe de la Presse- San Francisco

5 Feb

One of my coworkers recommended that we go to Cafe de la Presse since we were in the area (Union Square).  We had popped in one night looking for dessert… but nothing struck us.  Then on Friday night we were home a bit early and had little desire to wander far after a long day on our feet, so off to Cafe de La Presse we went again.

The meal began with a little amuse-bouche that I believe was a take on “ham and swish.” Delish!

We ordered the special “tarte” (crispy flatbread) with arugula, cheese, apples, and dates.  It was SENSATIONAL.  Dates on flat bread with cheese are one of my favorite combos.

Mike chose the squash risotto.  It was just okay. Was a bit more like rice than risotto in my opinion.

I went with my fave… Boeuf Bourguignon (really I just LOVE beef stew no matter what nationality it comes from).  It was very tasty, but somehow… lacking.  The meat just lacked depth of flavor.

Overall, this place is good for the neighborhood but no where near a desitnation eatery.

Total Nom Points: 6 out of 10