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Edi and the Wolf

5 Feb

I have been meaning to try Edi and the Wolf for a long time now, but it’s just in a very inconvenient spot in the city for where I usually spend a lot of time.  It’s on Avenue C and 7th Street.  A great area for new restaurants, a bad area if you live in the Bronx.

My husband and a couple male friends (including my sister’s fiance) have formed “Pepper Club” as a chance for the boys to get together and eat peppers (which both my sister and I are allergic to).  When they got out, us girls pick another place and enjoy a girl’s night out.  So Edi & the Wolf was my pick.


The menu has some intriguing options, and I especially liked the entire section for “Schnitzel & Co.”


I also enjoyed that they have a special line to encourage #foodporn on instagram. (Though, sadly, the restaurant was very dark, making porn pictures a bit harder)


We began with a flatbread with candied onions, pickled mushroom, mozzarella and speck.  The candied onion were fantastic on this and there was a great balance of flavor with the sweet onion, salty pickled mushrooms, creamy mozzarella, and bitter greens.


We tried the braised short rib with pearl onion, delicata squash, trumpet mushroom, and carrot.  This was a hearty, winter dish with all the right flavors.


We also tried the spätzle with wild mushroom, zucchini, and poached egg.  I heard this was a “must try” and I cannot disagree. Spaetzle is one of my favorite foods and this was an exceptional version.


We got a side of the brussels sprouts with bacon, apple, and toasted almonds.  This was a GREAT brussels side.  The sweetness of the apples with the salty and the char.  It was all very, very good together.


For dessert we decided to split a piece of a chocolate torte.  This was rich but not too rich and we savored every bite.


We really enjoyed our meal at Edi and the Wolf and I’m very glad I finally got to try it.  It was worth the schlep to Avenue C and I would go back in a heartbeat.

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10



19 Jul

I ate at Aureole once for a work function, but since I was presenting and keeping clients happy, the food was not on my mind. I had been meaning to go back every since and finally made it there with a fellow foodie friend. It is very centrally located in a place where you just don’t expect great restaurants: 42nd Street right off of Times Square.  

I’m pretty sure we went with the $89 prix fixe. They have a pre-Broadway prix fixe that seems like a steal for 3 courses at $55 (5-6pm).

We started with an amuse bouche that I cannot recall the exact details on.


My choice to start was the chestnut papparedelle with slow roasted veal breast, wild mushrooms, and pecorino.  This tasted like the earth and I absolutely loved it.  I have a special place in my heart for chestnut, and I kind of wished there were pieces (only because I’m selfish), but it was a very good dish.


We also tried the wagyu beef carpaccio with shiitake, scallions, taro root, ponzo, and lavash.  This was perfectly complimentary in flavors, with the nice richness of the meat cut but the sweetness of the ponzo and with added depth from the shiitake.  Very nice.


We also tried the branzino (my favorite fish) with fennel, dandelion, red onion, cashew, and citrus.  It was all sorts of perfection.  Cooked incredibly well and balances of flavors that were just fabulous.


And we tried the prime ribyeye steak with roasted root vegetables, brussels sprouts, horseradish, and natural beef jus. It was cooked just right and the horseradish was faint enough that I hardly noticed it.


A palate cleanser soon arrived and it was a nice little burst of fruit to get us ready for dessert.


The desserts came out and they were pieces of artwork. Sadly, I didn’t write them down, so I can only guess.

This was something chocolate (I’m going to guess a lava cake) with delicious strands of pulled sugar on top. I remember this being rich but balanced.


I know I ordered something with meringue (another one of my favorite things).  I remember really enjoying the flavors of this, but missing the firm crisp of the type of meringue I enjoy so much.


And then out came petit fours.  Each was delicious in their own right, but I remember thinking extra fondly of the macaron and the watermelon thing. 


I was really impressed by our meal at Aureole, not only because it was just that good, but also because it’s somewhat unassuming. It’s not a place I’ve heard talked about much, yet it’s right in the heart of the theatre district (a place I live near, work near, and play near often).  If you are looking for a pre-theatre meal, I think that $55 prix fixe is a great deal!

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10