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One year of NYC Nom Nom

9 Feb

Today marks the one year anniversary of when I officially started NYC Nom Nom.

My first blog entries were definitely a “hello cyberspace!” entry without much substance.  It was a simple list of my current favorite restaurants in NYC followed up by my recipe for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars that everyone loves.

My favorite eating moments of the past year were WD50 and Thanksgiving.  I also won TWO meals: one at Fishtail from Foodbuzz and the other at Landmarc from Time Warner Center’s Circle of Taste (and won a cooking class at Williams Sonoma from them too!)  I even got to eat on a completely different continent for the first time.

As for the bad… I had a casualty of bread, had an absolutely terrible meal at a diner that some people love and some people hate, had my gallbladder removed, and was nearly killed by Co.

I also really learned how to cook this year.  I managed to find a love for brussel sprouts and learned how to make pasta.  I no longer can be accused of being such a bad cook that I hermetically seal pots.  I even won my last company’s Top Chef Competition.

It has been quite an adventure for me and I have loved this little side project and hope to continue it for a long time to come.

My friends, my family, and even my mom called ME for recipes and suggestions this past year.  My Grandma even asked me for a cooking tip last weekend when we all sat down to a wonderful, homemade meal together.  My Grandma taught me a lot about food (especially baking) and really taught me not just a love for food, but a love for the traditions of food, especially surrounded by family and loved ones.  She passed away the very next day after our family meal together.  I will be forever thankful for all she taught me and for that last meal we shared together.

Grandma Litty (May 26, 1927 – February 1, 2010) enjoying a banana cream pie on a boat in Colorado- 2007.

Death by Co

3 May

I live in a neighborhood that is very convenient to other neighborhoods and the subway system, however, good restaurants within a 6 block radius are few and far between. So imagine my excitement when the mastermind behind Sullivan Street Bakery (Jim Lahey), decided to open up a high-end pizza place right down the street. When I walked by Co. (called “Company” by name and a very silly choice for a restaurant that you have to look for online, though their search engine optimization seems well done) in its opening week, I saw a pizza listd on the window menu that just looked sensational, with many of my favorite ingredients (including chestnuts and crispy pork, if I recall correctly).

I was very sad to see this pizza not on the menu when Mike and I decided to try it out a few weeks later. After about a 45 minute wait (they do not take reservations), we were seated at a round table with another couple. The restaurant has communal seating, but we were happy to find our table-mates were friendly without feeling the need to engage in conversations throughout the meal (cruise style).

First, Mike and I decided to splurge on the Chef’s Selection of meats and cheeses. Now for the $22 price tag, I was hoping for a unique sampling of good cheeses. When the plate came and we saw a sampling of 3 cheeses that were barely 3 bites a piece, we hoped they were very unique, really great cheeses. We were very disappointed. The samplings all tasted very similar to each other and had no real uniqueness at all. They were good, just nothing great. I could have bought them at the grocery store across the street.

Next we decided to order 2 pizzas so we could split them and share. We were a bit disappointed with the selection since they all sounded basically the same (the béchamel, parmesan, buffalo mozzarella base was consistent for almost every one), but we tried the Leek and Sausage (with breadcrumbs) and the Flambe (with caramelized onions and lardons).

Now I checked with the waiter twice and Mike questioned further, to make sure that neither pizza, nor the sausage, had peppers (as I’m very allergic). The waiter assured us that I was safe, so I enjoyed a big bite of sausage when it came out. I’m sure you see where this is going… I had to run to the back kitchen to ask for a glass of milk. I followed that with two more and still had some blistering (YUCK!) Now I guess I could forgive the attempt on my life had the food been outstanding… but it just… wasn’t. In fact, as far as pizza goes, I’ve had better crust and cheese and corner pizza stores in the West Village (for 1/3 the price).

I am a very strong proponent of some things being worth the extra money, and good food is very high on that list. But if I spend the extra money and the food is barely average, it just makes it seem that much worse. To add insult to injury, I barely received an apology from the waiter for the peppers mix-up and nothing on the check was comped (not even a soda). I was pretty surprised by this seeing as though usually restaurants are VERY careful about this and should a mistake happen, they bend over backwards to make sure I leave happy. Co didn’t seem to care. And I didn’t care for Co.

Total Nom Points: 5 out of 10 (max)