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Three Many Cooks Cookbook Launch Party

13 Apr

A few months ago, we attended our second “Tursgiving” hosted by a friend of ours. The hosting couple mentioned they had a friend who was also a food blogger and also pregnant, and they were hoping we would get along.  And we sure did!  I had a great time sitting next to Maggy and her husband Andy during the meal and loved hearing about the blog she wrote with her mom and sister, Three Many Cooks.

We ran into them a few times since and I’m looking forward to having sons a few months apart (her son was born in January).

When Maggy extended an invite to their Cookbook Launch Party, I was flattered and excited to attend, especially since it was at the OXO Test Kitchen at their Headquarters.  How could I possibly resist going to the home of innovative kitchen products?  And I enjoyed their entry wall of all sorts of fun things.


We socialized over cocktails (or in my case… mocktails) and appetizers before seeing a demo from the Three Many.  Maggy’s mom (Pam, already a great cookbook author) was filled with warmth and excitement and it was obvious to tell why this family was so well bonded.


And the three of them together were just glowing, especially Maggy (on the right) who is only 3 months post partem with that cute little baby (on the left).  I’m inspired to look that good and that happy 3 months after Baby Nom Nom is born.


We then sat down to a lovely dinner of Popcorn Salad (using popcorn instead of croutons, which added a great crunch)


And pasta fagioli soup (and we learned a great tip… cook the pasta separately and add it at the last minute so it doesn’t get mushy… so simple yet so smart).


They then read a section that each had written within the book.  Learning their father was a minister immediately gave me pause (Inner dialogue: “Is this a religious book? Please don’t make this non-practicing, culturally Jewish girl uncomfortable over my delicious soup”) but the sections read were mostly about faith rather than religion (sigh of relief) and they were beautiful words and stories.


I was lucky enough to walk out of there with a few OXO goodies and a signed copy, and I can’t wait to read more over the next few weeks.