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Trying Tim Tam’s

23 Mar

I’m a member of BzzAgent, a site that allows you to sign up and then get free samples in return for reviewing them on the BzzAgent site (and optionally interacting with the brands through blogs and social media).   I don’t review most items that I get here on the blog, but when it’s food related and as good as Tim Tam’s, I have to share it with all of you.

I’ve heard a lot of whispered conversations about Tim Tams and how they were a great international treat.  I never got a chance to try one, so I was excited to be offered a sample pack to try.  I also assumed they were not available in the US since they are produced in Australia.  Now, however, apparently they ARE available at Target (which gives me more motivation to go to a Target to try that caramel flavor).

I was not expecting to like a packaged snack as much as I liked this.

They are a sturdy, satisfying size…


And the inside is kind of the consistency of a Twix bar but with chocolate, and then the layer of chocolate cream inside is very tasty, and the chocolate on the outside tastes like premium quality chocolate.


I am SUPER picky about my chocolate, so I was impressed. I also don’t LOVE eating most packaged snacks, but I would go out of my way to eat these.

I also saw that the “thing to do” is to bite off an end, put it in a hot beverage, and sip that through the cookie like a straw. I do not entirely understand, but I’m intrigued!

“Straw” or not, I loved these things (and Mike agreed).  I blame the pregnancy… but our package was gone in less than 2 days.  WHOOPS!

Thanks for sending me a free package, BzzAgent!  While I did get this for free, I was under no obligation to write about it at all. I just enjoyed them that much.  #GotItFree