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A Photo Tour of Thanksgiving 2013

22 Jan

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, as mentioned a few times before.  This post is a collection of my favorite pictures from Thanksgiving 2013.

This year I paid special attention to the pies, with a new crust, which I didn’t like the taste/flake enough to recommend, though it sure rolled out well and made for a great lattice top.





And since Thanksgiving fell on Chanukah this year, we did a special themed pie. (and boy do I love the color the apples turn after soaking in red wine).


I had leftover dough and made some mini pecan pies.

IMG_4399  IMG_4408

One part of the adventure for us is that we have to get from our apartment in midtown west to Grand Central Station in midtown east… which means crossing through the parade route at the very time that the parade is wrapping up.

It is always a harrowing trip, but this year I got creative and used my cupcake transporter as a double-decker pie transporter. Worked like a charm (though I did tape the entire thing together out of fear that it would break open).


Upon arrival, we were greeted by more appetizers than anyone could ever imagine (amazing what happens when you feed 40 people every year as a family).

My dad makes these guacamole shrimp toasts which I always enjoy.


And our hosts make some delicious figs with blue cheese and almonds.


These mini meatballs are always a star of the day, served in the same copper pot every year since I can remember (and maybe even since my father can remember).



The table settings are always beautiful.


And we always know where to sit.



Our hosts’ double oven sure comes in handy when we are reheating 8 different dishes at once.


And this year, they made the turkeys themselves! (We usually have them made for us)


Two big, beautiful birds.


With two odd birds assigned to carving each year (that’s my cousin Eric and aunt Linda).


Drum sticks (I dove in last year and they weren’t great… so I chose not to this year and heard they were fantastic… damn)


A beautiful carcass.


And once everything is carved, the full spread comes out.  This year we had new brussels sprouts, macaroni and cheese, and a bourbon pecan kugel to celebrate Thanksgivukkah.



And my zany father… showing off the spread.



Our incredible hosts, Uncle Mark and Aunt Wanda.



Plates of joy.



And then it was time for dessert.

Out came the pies.


And all the other wonderful sweet things (including a pavlova for the first time… awesome)


Some more contribution from the Nom Nom house: meringues and brownies.


And then the next day, we hosted the annual leftovers party… and managed to balance a whole lot of groceries on the self-check out scale.


’til next year!


Happy Thanksgivukkah!

28 Nov

Nom Man- Thanksgivukkah



May your day be filled with lots of delicious food!  Thanksgiving and Chanukah will never overlap again in our lifetime, so eat it up!

Thanksgivukkah Latke Burger!

24 Nov

Hey Buzzfeed readers (and everyone else)!  Thanks so much for the amazing response! We had a great time making this burger and we’re so excited it got picked up.  Please come back and visit us here at NYCNomNom as we cook and dine throughout NYC (and beyond).  And come on over and join us on Facebook or Twitter to get updated posts and fun food stories.

Now, without further ado (nor more unabashed blog promotion), here is the latke burger…


We love our Franken-foods, and now we have a Franken-holiday when the first day of Chanukkah falls on Thanksgiving Day (aka Thanksgivukkah).  Mike, being the Domestic Divo that he is, came home on Friday with an idea: let’s make a Latke Burger!

The plan: latkes in place of buns, a turkey burger with some brisket in there to add flavor, and cranberry ketchup

After his last successful project at our very own Ramen Burger, I was excited.  We went to Brooklyn Fare and picked up all the ingredients, and then Mike got to work.


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