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Stowe, VT: Blue Moon

30 Jan

After a day of running around Stowe playing tourist, we made a reservation at Blue Moon for dinner.  Blue Moon changes their menu each month and they keep it very seasonal.

I loved the aesthetic, with the exposed beams.



And everything on the menu sounded great.


I went with the smoked jowl with Fuji apples and maple labne (they kindly left off the kimche).  This had all the right flavors and textures.  Very balance and was rich yet not too heavy,


We also tried the parmesan custard with romaine lettuce and crostini.  Excellent flavors and textures again.


The Maine crab cake with fennel slaw and kalamata olive aioli was flavored wonderfully.


One of our friends had the black bean stuffed Delicata squash with smoked tomato sauce with cheddar.  They really enjoyed it.


Our other friend got the grilled swordfish with roasted eggplant caponata and asparagus, and also said it was fantastic.


Mike got the crack pepper seared venison with celeriac puree, port wine, and dried cherries.  This was very earthy without being overly gamey and the cherries and port wine added a lovely sweetness to the meat.




I got the grilled tenderloin of beef with leek compote and sweet potato gratin.  I was blown away by this dish.  The steak was perfectly cooked and nicely beefy. The leek compote added a touch of sweet and texture. And the sweet potato gratin was a slightly crunchy, mostly soft, awesomely executed sweet potato dish. I loved it.


This was my favorite meal of the trip.  Each dish was composed well and had an extra little oomph that really pushed a good looking menu into a great tasting menu.  The heartiness of the meal left me quite satisfied and quite happy.  Great meal.

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10


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Philly Noms- City Tavern

13 Apr

Mike’s second reservation was at City Tavern, a theme restaurant.  Typically, I would be skeptical about a restaurant themed around 18th Century America, but what is vacation if not a place to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do? 

The interior was more like a series of individual colonial rooms than what we think of as current restaurants.  I guess this was the style in the 1700s.  Quite cool.


We decided to go with the beer tasting, which were all made from recipes from the Revolution. Cool!


The Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce was my absolute fave.


And it was served on a very nice paddle.  Good touch.


The breads were all good, however, the biscuits were sweet potato and pecan (a supposedly favorite of Washington himself) and I had to ask for seconds.  They were so good.


We started with the mallard duck sausages which combined pork and duck over sweet and sour cabbage.  These were some of the most flavorful sausages I have ever had.  Delish.


Mike chose the colonial turkey pot pie for his entree.  The top was so perfectly fluffy and crispy.


And the inside was creamy without being heavy and all the flavors were fantastic.  Impressive.


I chose the Medallions of Venison with leeks, rosemary-bourbon mushroom sauce, herbed barley, and vegetable of the season (which wound up being various squashes). 


The sauce on this was packed with flavor, the venison was perfectly gamey without being tough, and the barley and veggies were a great pair.  This was so hearty and homey.  I loved it.


For dessert, they brought out a tray of goodies.  It was a tough choice…


But we went with the raspberry linzer torte.  It was good… but not as buttery as it should have been and the raspberry was kind of bland.  Then the whipped cream on top was more like whipped butter… and it was AWFUL.  Shame to end such a good meal on such a dud note.


But City Tavern had one last treat before we went.  Right outside the bathrooms and downstairs dining area was the harpist.  It was awesome.


Overall, for a themed restaurant we were VERY impressed.  Even as compared to most restaurants, our meals were great.  Next time I might just skip the desserts.

Overall Nom Points: 7 out of 10