Grape and Basil Crumble

30 Mar

I have yet to master shopping for fresh produce in NYC.  With only 2 of us and a NYC apartment, I try to shop in small batches to make sure things don’t go bad.  However, as many a day does not play out the way we expect, and we wind up eating out a LOT more than we should, I have the inevitable problem of having to throw too much food away. It makes me want to cry… wasting all that food.

So when I had a whole bushel of grapes that were a few days from being too soft, I had to ask myself “How do I use up a lot of grapes before they go bad?”  This is when I got creative…

First, there was mixing grapes with brown sugar.


Then it was “what can I do that will make this unique?” and the spice cabinet was opened and basil was sprinkled and with a moment of both bravery and hope, I threw it all together.


Then topped it with the leftover crumble I had from the Drunk ‘N Nutty Pie.


And I popped it into the over and prayed.  I removed it when it was bubbling and starting to brown.


And it was good.  BOY it was good. I actually wished I had added MORE basil.  The flavors were incredibly complimentary.


So today’s lesson in baking: Don’t be afraid to mix in spices that wouldn’t ordinary be thought of as baking supplies.  Enjoy the creative spoils.


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  1. Linda March 30, 2011 at 6:29 pm #

    It sounds fabulous, but just imagine how great it would be with fresh basil!!!!

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