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4 Nov

I’m a big fan of Becco (46th between 8th and 9th) and was there just a few months ago. Mike had never been, so after another full day of packing, we indulged yet again.

Their breadsticks are more like cracksticks. I can never stop eating them.

All entrees and the pasta special come with a caesar salad. Since this means almost everyone eats it, it should be a very good caesar. And it is. Mike reasoned that they must use anchovies in their dressing. It’s especially delicious.

Mike took my recommendation and ordered the Osso Bucco, but decided to add on the pasta tasting for $9 (not a bad deal!) I really wanted the pasta, however, I ran into the same problem as last time where they put red pepper flakes in everything. BOOO. I got to try the pumpkin raviolis from Mike, however, and they were tasty. He seemed to enjoy the others as well.

I went with the rack of lamb this time. It was good, but I found myself really missing that Osso Bucco. It is just so good. (Thankfully my boyfriend is a very good sharer)

We were way too stuff for dessert, but the meal was really, really good. Becco is consistently good, and their pasta tasting and $25 wine list really make it a great destination on Restaurant Row. If you’re going to a show, make a reservation and go to Becco first.

Total Nom Points (no change from last time): 8 out of 10

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