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The Popover Cafe

27 Dec

The Popover Cafe is on 86th Street and Amsterdam Ave.  My sister recommended  it to me since I am such a huge popover fan.


The inside was quaint and a great setting.  The menu mentioned that the owner decided to cook her favorite foods and that people just kept coming back for more.  It definitely all had that “homemade” feel, from decor to food.


 They had some hot winter drinks on the menu, which quickly made me think that more restaurants should do this.  I got the warm cider punch.


And Mike got a hot chocolate. 


 We started with the mini popovers.


They were a perfect 4 bite portion. 


 And we got them with apple butter (along with regular butter and strawberry butter).  The minis were okay, but part of what makes popovers so great is all the delicious fluffy center.


 Mike got the eggs benedict that came on an open popover. 


 I got the Kobe Beef Corned Beef Hash.  It was a delicious blend of beef and potatoes, topped with a scrambled egg.  It was delicious!


 And the popover was just perfect.   AND HUGE!


Flakey (but not overly eggy) on the inside.


I absolutely loved my meal.  It was just wonderful comfort food and sent over the edge by delicious popovers. 

I highly recommend the journey to the Upper West Side, especially if you love popovers.

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10