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Benjamin’s Steak House (White Plains, NY)

14 Jun


I haven’t exactly been wowed by the food in Westchester, NY so far, so when Mike’s dad recommended a steak house that recently opened in White Plains, I didn’t expect much. Our destination: Benjamin’s Steakhouse (turns out there is also one in NYC).

Sometimes going in with no expectations is the best way to go.

We started with a salad that had delicious sliced apples and cheese with a vinagrete.  Fresh and perfect.



Mike and I split the T-bone and both “mmmmm”ed and “yummm”ed our way through it.  The car was excellent.




And it was so perfectly cooked.



Other steaks around the table were just as delicious




As was the fish



And all the sides



Dessert was a nearly perfect pecan pie (with a less than optimal crust… but we’ll forgive them this slight miss)


We were all very impressed by Benjamin’s and would not hesitate to go back or try the one in NYC.  We were all very pleased with our meals.  Just keep in mind, these are NYC Steakhouse prices.

Total Nom Points: 7 out of 10