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Stowe, VT: Brass Lantern Inn Bed & Breakfast

23 Jan

Heading up to ski in Stowe this winter?  Thinking about spending some time in VT even if you’re not a snow buddy?  These next few weeks I’ll post a wrap-up of all the great places we visiting in and around Stowe, Vermont.

We were invited up to Stowe by some friends who go up almost every year around Christmas time.  Even though  none of us are skiers, we all looked forward to a relaxing weekend in a beautiful part of this country.

Our friends have been guests at The Brass Lantern Inn Bed and Breakfast a number of times before, and we were excited to join them.  We went up on a very icy weekend.


We spent a good amount of time on the couches by the fire place, playing games (especially Cards Against Humanity), reading, and drinking.



Oh and playing piano. (or… at least… trying to)



The rooms were incredibly comfortable and very New Englandy.

Each morning, breakfast was posted on a white board.


And there is coffee, tea, and hot chocolate available.


And some local maple syrup and butter. (More on a Cabot in a later post)


The french toast was really great, and I loved the baked apples.

IMG_4967   IMG_5024

I loved the fruit parfait with really delicious yogurt and granola that tasted very homemade.


The frittata and home fries (sweet potato and yukon gold) was one of my favorite breakfasts that weekend.

IMG_5026 IMG_5059

These were awesome blueberry pancakes, and that fresh maple syrup on them were fantastic.


We really enjoyed our stay and I would highly recommend this inn (and their delicious breakfasts) to anyone.

The innkeepers, Mary Anne and George, couldn’t be more welcoming and helpful.

A wonderful long weekend away!


Stecchino Brunch Deal

19 Nov

My mom came in for a girl’s brunch and we were trying to decide where to go.  A deal came up to try brunch at Stecchino, an “Italian Burger Joint” in the neighborhood, from TravelZoo. I had been to Stecchino prior, for wine and appetizers, and I heard good things about the brunch but had never made the effort to go.

For $29, we got brunch for two with unlimited mimosas.

Mom was craving pancakes, so she went with the Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes made with whipped ricotta cream.  These were fluffy and delicious, and obviously quite warm as the whipped cream slid right off.

photo 1

I got a benedict with sausage. The sausage had a great flavor and the eggs were very well cooked.

photo 4

Brunch also came with a lovely dish of fresh grapes and oranges.  A nice touch.

photo 3

And we had to get a side order of the rosemary candied bacon (in addition to the brunch deal).  This bacon was awesome. It didn’t look all that crispy, but it was perfect.  Great flavor, great texture, nice mix of herbs and sweet.  I would go back just for the bacon.

photo 2


The unlimited mimosas may have loosened us up a bit, but we both really enjoyed our brunch here. I’m not sure if I would have gone if not for the deal, but our meal there was definitely something I would return for and would recommend.  Very good brunch.

Total Nom Points: 7 out of 10

nomscale- 07.0



24 Jul

 Number one area I am asked to recommend dining locations for: Penn Station/Madison Square Garden. Not an easy task… and mind you, I live in the area!  If you are looking to stick somewhere close to the train or the game, there just aren’t that many locations.  But there are a few gems.  Niles is one of them.

I have brought a number of clients here for breakfast, and it always delivers.  The room is stylish and has enough room between tables that you can have an actual meeting there.

Even the bread basket is elegant.


My eating companion ordered the chocolate chip pancakes, which she very much enjoyed.


I had their Eggs Benedict which came on a honey wheat English muffin with smoked salmon or Canadian bacon (I chose the salmon) and breakfast potatoes.  The English muffin was crisped enough that I could cut through it (a bit pet peeve of mine is when you can cut through the blasted things), the salmon tasted great, and the hollandaise was great.  


Niles is a nice breakfast in a nice setting. It’s in a veritable wasteland of food options, so it’s a welcome restaurant and one I have and will revisit often. I wouldn’t call it destination dining, but if you need a breakfast spot near Penn Station, this is where to go.

Total Nom Points: 6.5 out of 10