Leftover Fruit Cobbler

30 Nov

On my further quest to use up the cranberries (I STILL have more than a full bag left), I got bored and decided to make some form of cobbler thing… I didn’t have apples and was worried just cranberries would be too tart, so I threw in some grapes I had laying around and pears that had been stewing in apple cider since the party.  I also had some of the leftover cider, so I threw it all in a pot with a bit of sugar and let it cook down to a loose syrup consistency.

For the topping, since I neither like nor had oats in stock, I combined flour, sugar, brown sugar, and slivered almonds in a food processor and then combined cold butter in with a fork and my hands.  It didn’t quite come out as the crumble I expected (not enough flour? lack of oats?) but it tasted scrumptious.  I forgot to take a picture of it so about 2 minutes after it went into the oven, I took it back out to take a pic.  It had already melted, but you get the point.  I got to use my new ramekins from Kim, which was OH SO fun!  (I LOVE new kitchen toys!)

I baked it for about 35 minutes and then broiled it for about 30 seconds.  (I’m still new to broilers since I haven’t had a working one in 5 years, so I was cautious not to overdo it… though it probably could have become a little crisper on top).

I then let it cool for 15 minutes and proceeded to burn the heck out of my mouth as I gobbled it down… I’m so impatient! It was worth it though.

It definitely didn’t come out as pretty as I would have liked with crumbles on top, but the taste more than made up for it.  I like things SWEET, and this certainly was.  If I were making it for the masses I’d probably tone down the sugar a tad.  The fruit inside, however, was a perfect consistency and the cranberries + grapes + pears was good enough to repeat!

Since I eyed the entire topping, I don’t really have a recipe.  I also don’t think it turned out pretty enough to make for guests… but for me… it was DELISH

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