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Honeymoon: San Francisco, CA – Umami Burger (FINALLY!)

20 Aug


We had spent a good amount of time in San Francisco on a prior trip, so we really only spent a few hours in the city before our flight back home.

The only place we made a point to stop at was Umami Burger.



All my California friends sing the praises of Umami burger constantly, but we were yet to get one in NYC (that all changed just a few weeks later). So this was our chance.


Umami burger has a regular menu but then also has specials that align with the individual location. This being San Francisco, the specialty burger was the Bacon-Wrapped Scallop Burger: hand-chopped scallop patty, crispy pork belly, sweet chile sauce and yuzu-garlic aioli.  We went without the chile sauce due to my allergy, but we certainly didn’t miss it.  This was one flipping fantastic burger!  The scallops were so sweet and so flavorful and everything on it just made for a decadent and flavor rich mouthful.


We also tried the Truffle Burger which came with house-made truffle cheese and truffle glaze.


Do not let looks deceive you. This burger looks simple but the taste was outrageous. Super truffly and the burger patty itself was packed with rich flavor.


We also got a side of the truffle fries which were fantastic.


And we couldn’t stop there when there was a homemade ice cream cookie sandwich to devour!


I can’t remember the flavors, but I remember it was awesome.


I absolutely see what all the fuss is about and I cannot wait to try the one in NYC!  Great burgers, great flavors, original ideas.  Awesome.

Total Nom Points: 8.5 out of 10

nomscale- 08.5


Cafe de la Presse- San Francisco

5 Feb

One of my coworkers recommended that we go to Cafe de la Presse since we were in the area (Union Square).  We had popped in one night looking for dessert… but nothing struck us.  Then on Friday night we were home a bit early and had little desire to wander far after a long day on our feet, so off to Cafe de La Presse we went again.

The meal began with a little amuse-bouche that I believe was a take on “ham and swish.” Delish!

We ordered the special “tarte” (crispy flatbread) with arugula, cheese, apples, and dates.  It was SENSATIONAL.  Dates on flat bread with cheese are one of my favorite combos.

Mike chose the squash risotto.  It was just okay. Was a bit more like rice than risotto in my opinion.

I went with my fave… Boeuf Bourguignon (really I just LOVE beef stew no matter what nationality it comes from).  It was very tasty, but somehow… lacking.  The meat just lacked depth of flavor.

Overall, this place is good for the neighborhood but no where near a desitnation eatery.

Total Nom Points: 6 out of 10

Zuni Cafe- San Francisco

3 Feb

When I asked one of my favorite foodie friends (Noa) where to eat in San Francisco, she immediately said we had to eat at Zuni.  The only day we could squeeze it in was for lunch the day after Christmas. 

I had read a LOT of reviews to determine what to order and quickly realized it was a hot debate.  Eating the roasted chicken at Zuni was nominated as number one item on the list of top 100 things to try before you die..  Some people agreed that this was THE. BEST. CHICKEN. however, others mentioned that it was good… for chicken.  I knew what to expect… an hour wait… so we ordered a Caesar salad to split while we waited.

The restaurant was actually quite beautiful and set up very well.  Nice atmosphere while you wait.  Mike got another glass of his new favorite beer, Anchor Steam.

Then finally… IT CAME!  It is listed as served over a “bread salad.”  Mike and I speculated exactly what a “bread salad” might be, however, we severely underestimated how delicious this was.  It was really great homemade bread chunks that was browned (char grilled?) and then soaked in dressing (though not at all soggy).  It was DELICIOUS!

The chicken?  Ehhh… don’t get me wrong. It was REALLY… REALLY good… but in the end it’s still chicken.  (And I have a place in my heart for the roasted chickens that came out of a gas station restaurant near my college.. Yes… I am TOTALLY serious).

Completely delicious.  But I wouldn’t say it’s one of the things I would demand you must try before you die.

I think that list really hurts this place, as I probably would have ordered something different had I not heard SO MUCH about the chicken.  And it’s really hard to rate a restaurant on a caesar salad and chicken… but…

Total Nom Points: 7 out of 10